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Hi, Welcome to Private Investment Club

Looking for the best Private Investment Club? Chose the plan you are interested in. And take advantage of our powerful trading tools. Automate your finances.

Private Investors Club

Your Collected funds will be used to invest into the financial market. Chose the plan you are interested in.

Affiliate Marketing

For leading a person to our website, as he subscribe you receive 10$ each month. Invite 100 persons and you will have 1000$ a month.

Goods and Services

We have on our disposal high performing robots to monetise your finances. Powerful trading robots Powerful tools to automate your finances.


To start a trading activity and make some money online, the majority of the traders prioritise strategies which can make them win systematically. Especially on forex.
However few of them succeed in it. Trading investment and currency exchange is a risky activity. 90% of the forex traders lose.

The stastistic on trading is 90% lose within 90 days. We need to think about that.

That is why we have decided to propose to you a cost-effective investment plan. Important tools for trading, very useful goods and services and a unique affiliate plan.

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world, those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed. — Ray Goforth

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Our Company provides that can help you monetise your finances. We think on the best way to help you reach your goals.

Financial products developer

We can help for tailor made financial products.

Lead financial projects

We help you leading your Web plan: Understand it, organise it and find parters. In few ninutes we will show you how to be part of the private investors club. And how to enjoy

Account manager

Contact us: We manage your account for you and guarantee fixed incomes


We provide required trading signals and informations

How It Works

The steps you need to take to get the OOSEES private investor club away and start enjoying our offers. In 4 steps you become a member. Limited number of places. Only 1500 Investor Partners will be selected.

1. Registration

Fill the Form via the link in your mail box

2. Subscription

Activate your account by subscribing for 10$ to enjoy the products

3. Choose packages

Chose the number of packages according to the investment plan. 1 package is 100$

4. Recruit

Earn more with our affiliation program of 100% on the commission

Trading Plan

We are going to talk to you in few words about the differents strategies and main strength. Our trading plans are very reasonable plans. We do not know how to make you dream. We just want to seriously support you in your investments in trading.

Trading Forex

We trade with high performing tools on the forex market; currency, binary option

Interest rate

Receive 125% on investment within 50 days

Minimum deposit

10$ to subscribe and chose the number of packages for the investment. 100$ a package

Detailed explanation

You invest 1000$ which correspond to 10 packages and obtain 125% within 50 days which is 1250$. Your capital is included

A limited number

We are a private club so we just need a certain number of investors, 1500

Decide today

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Savings Plan

Our savings plan will allow you to invest in the long term.

Saving Plan

We trade with powerful tools in the forex, cryptocurrency and binary options market for a long time.

Interest rate

Receive 165% On Investment for 80 Days.

Minimum deposit

You invest $ 10 for the subscription, and you choose the number of pack for this investment, 1 Pack is $100.

Detailed explanation

You invest $ 1000 that's 10 Packs so you'll get 165% after the 80 days so $1650.

Limited number

We are a private club we just want some investors. 1500 Investors.

Decide Today


Daily performance

Forex trading, binary options involve the risks but we try to come out victorious with these results.



30% of Success Gain

Binary Option

60% Success

100% Automatic

Trading Robot

Customer service

80% Available

3 years

of experience in forex

10 years

of experience in development


We work with several companies on behalf of our clients.

Customer Service Manager

Irina Oosees

Irina is a person who has developed the necessary skills in the field of marketing, who knows how to approach people and is a team of experts in the field.



We are in the middle of trading and we work with this expert to monitor our trading account and develop effective strategies.

Our exchanger


BIT-Z our favorite exchanger to manage our customers by Cryptocurrency.

Project Pilot

Mike Oosees

Project Pilot. web To pilot all your projects in the heart of this big industry.

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Our packs start with a special subscription that entitles you to be a member of the club this subscription is up to your sponsor only. AND so you can invite people to enjoy too.

Monthly subscription

$ 10 00
Price in US Dollars
  • Price $10
  • Member of the Club
  • Can Invest in the Private Club
  • Can download the products "Soon"
  • Can benefit from the 100% Magic affiliation
  • Earns 80% on our Robots and trading tools

Sale of Expert Advisor (EA)

Our shop opens soon we will put Experts Advisor at your disposal. If you are a member of the club you will have products to make your finances automatic.

Want to know more? Check our FAQ.

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Oosees is a company that is based in trading forex, sale of trading robots. We gather collected fund and invest it in forex and cryptocurrency.

Trading account manager/ product of investment / sale of trading robots.

We are based in trading. We work with a team of experts. We offer reasonable interest rate.

Our robots, strategies of trading ensure profit rates that are between 10% and 35% per month. Therefore, we prefer to offer you a rate that will certainly be given back to you.

You sign up and pay 10$ for your subscription. And you will profit from the products of the company.You invest by chosing a plan and you will receive interests. You invite people and you get 100% of their subscription.

Yes true. 100% of commission on subscriptions.

Registrations without affiliation link come to us directly. That is why we strongly invest ourselves in hiring.

It is a strategy that will allow us to lead those powerful investors in a private and serious investor club.

Soon we are launching an internal exchanger.

Only one level for 100% of commission. You can invite up to 1000 persons. If you invite 1 person, you receive his subscription 10$.
If you invite 100 persons, you get 1000$ that you don’t need to share with someone. It is yours. As long as those persons pay for their registration, we will be paid for that.

We will get 100% of commission on each registration every month.
You take part to our investment and private club.
You will soon have virtual products(trading robot that you can sell back with the selling tools to help you earn money)

Because we want to have a limited number of members. We just need 1500 subscribers in 1 months. We just want to sell 2000 PACK

We are always here to help.
Mike Oosees


Communication Marketing Manager


General Support


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